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An old woman hit my car on the drivers’ side, there are scrathes above
the wheel , on the realms of the wheel and there is also a part pushed
in .It is bad.We were just driving on the road,she back her car from the
parking lot without watching back,and bump!It is 100% her fault.She is
very annoying and crazy, tring to drive away. She just left her phone
number,yelled she is very very busy, her car insurance will cover
repairs of our car and drive away. my husband and I have never had a car
collision or car accident before, and just don’t know how much what need
to be done, what’s going need to be done,how to get our car fixed.So my
husband called the old woman many times,but she didn’t answer.Fuck!I
know it is not super bad,but her attitude is so annoying and made us so
mad.So my husband had to called the police to report this accident. A
few minutes later, two police officers come over, one of them called
her, she answered. She said she will let someone to deal with it ,and we
agreedto go to vehicle loss setting center together in the afternoon,
when we got there,she didn’t even show up,she let a young guy working in
auto repaire company to deal with the thing.well,maybe it is ok.


At first, the guy didn’t want to confirm the accident and we didn’t know
what he planed for.May be he wanted us to fix our car in their
company.Honestly,I ever consider let the vehicle repair compay to fix
our car, because it faster and can be done without any mess. But afer we
called several friends, we decided that we’d better follow the claims to
fix our car with the at fault party’s insurance company.and here is
why:firstly,we are not the at-fault party, and secondly,we also have a
claim against at fault party’s diminished value.even it is fixed
perfectly,it is not worth as much as it is not involved in an
accident.So we insisted to confirm the accident and determine the amount
of loss.When we finish this ,it is almost 5:pm.Next, we go to the auto
4s shop together.

《间谍之桥(Bridge of
Spies)》是斯PeelBerg发行人、Cohen兄弟插手制片人、汤姆.Hank斯主角的一部美利坚合作国影片。在快要公布的第⑦8 届奥斯卡奖中,本片拿到了总结最佳影片、最佳原创剧本在内的六项提名。

Auto 4s shop said it needs to pay first, so we called her
again.shewanted us topay that afront.Wow! I just can’t believe this.how
can we do that?if we paid,what if she don’t acknowledge it?at that time,
Ieven consider file the claim of our own insurance company,but that’s
stupid,because our insurance fees will go up next year.fortunately we
didn’t choose that idea.Besides,repairing our car would take at least a
month ,because there are still lots of damaged cars caused by Typhoon
waiting to befixed.They won’t give me a temporary car and we don’t have
an extra to drive,so I might have to take bus to work.Oh,noooo! So, we
decided to call police again, she finally agreed to pay afront.that is a

本片是一部格外美利坚联邦合众国主旋律的电影。美苏冷战正酣之时,London律师詹姆斯.多诺万(汤姆.汉克斯饰演)受United States政坛的委任,为被抓获的苏联王牌间谍Rudolph.Abe尔中将担任律师。多诺万顶住多方压力,拒绝走过场,认真实践了驳斥职分。不久后,U.S.的一架

we are so tired today.it is so complicated of this thing.



剧照 1


多诺万和另一名律师 Bates

DONOVAN: Don’t say “my guy.” He’s not “my guy.”
BATES: Yes he’s your guy. Who’re we talking about?
DONOVAN: We’re talking about a guy who is insured by my client. So
don’t make him “my guy.”


BATES: Okay, fine, my point is he — the guy insured by your client —
he doesn’t deny any of these things happened —

DONOVAN: “These things?”

BATES: Yes. These five things.

DONOVAN: Wait. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Not five things, one thing.

BATES: Clearly, it’s five things.

DONOVAN: Well — I’m sorry — it’s not clear to me. Five things?
Explain it to

BATES: It’s self-evident.

DONOVAN: Okay, then tell me what happened, tell me the story in a way
that makes sense. For five things.

TOEFL 和 GRE 以及一切作文的最根本的尺度:讲证据!

BATES: The guy insured by your client — is driving down State Highway
19 when he loses control of his car, hits my five guys. The five guys
who hired me to represent them because you’re not honoring your claim.

DONOVAN: You mean my client is not honoring the claim. The insurance

BATES: Mr. Donovan: we’re all clear on who’s who here.

DONOVAN: Except, my client honors every claim. They do, Mr. Bates,
single legitimate claim. Up to the limit of their liability, which is
$100,000 per accident in the case of this man’s policy. And this is
one claim, according to your description. “He hit my five guys.” The
guy insured by my client had one accident, one one one, losing
control of the car and hitting five motorcyclists.

多诺万是2个要命认真的人。为了强调本人的视角,他在此处用了「one one

BATES: From their point of view, five things happened.

DONOVAN: Look Bob — may I? Bob? (gestures to self) Jim. If I go
bowling and I throw a strike, one thing happened. Ten things didn’t

BATES: Jim. My clients are not bowling pins. As much your guy might
treated them so —

DONOVAN: Lemme finish. If your house is insured to $100,000 and a
tornado carries it away, it carried away one house. It didn’t pick up
every stick of furniture and destroy it in a separate incident. If
that’s what you’re saying, well, then there is never any limit to our
liability and that is the end of the insurance business. And then,
Bob, nobody is safe.


Up to the limit of their liability, which is $100,000 per accident in
the case of this man’s policy. And this is one claim, according to
your description. “He hit my five guys.” The guy insured by my client
had one accident, one one one, losing control of the car and
hitting five motorcyclists.


那听上去很客观,但似乎在心思上令人难以承受。所以 Bates

类比 1

类比 2

那五个类比看起来不讲心境。所以 Bates
TOEFL 的口语、写作和 GRE 的 AW

  1. 类比关系中的八个东西最幸而场馆上接近且简单被明白(一辆车撞了三人,3个球击倒十一个瓶);假如是举事例,那么例子自身要比观点更直观、更易于精通。
  2. 类比关系中的八个东西在内在逻辑上高度一致(一辆车两回性撞了三人,一场沙风暴一下子摧毁了整座房子);例子也要和眼光的内在逻辑中度一致。

那番话可以说已经彻底驳倒了 Bates

剧照 2



(此处的 MAN 就是 Hoffman 探员)


MAN: Yeah. Just wanted to chat. How’s the case going?

DONOVAN: The case is going great. Couldn’t be better.

MAN: Uh-huh. Has your guy talked?

DONOVAN: …Excuse me?

MAN: You met him, has he talked? Has he said anything yet?

(Donovan stares at him. Then,)

DONOVAN: We’re not having this conversation.

MAN: No, of course not.

DONOVAN: No, I mean we’re really not having it. You’re asking me to
violate attorney-client privilege.


MAN: Oh c’mon counselor, you —

DONOVAN: And I wish people like you would quit saying “Oh c’mon,
counselor.” I didn’t like it the first time it happened today, a judge
said it to me twice, and the more I hear it, the more I don’t like it.

MAN: Ok, well listen, I understand attorney-client privilege. I
understand all the legal gamesmanship and I understand that that’s how
you make a living. But I’m talking to you about something else — the
security of your country. I’m sorry if the way I put it offends you,
but we need to know what Abel is telling you. You understand me,
Donovan? We need to know. Don’t go Boy Scout on me — we don’t have a
rule book here.

Hoffman 在此地的「Oh come





(Donovan takes a beat, sizing the man up.)

DONOVAN: You’re agent Hoffman, yeah?

MAN: Yeah.

DONOVAN: 德文 extraction? (extraction 可以了解为门户,即 霍夫曼有德意志联邦共和国血统)

MAN: Yeah, so?

DONOVAN: My name is Donovan, Irish. Both sides, mother and father.I’m
Irish, you’re German, but what makes us both Americans? Just one
thing, one one one. The rule book. We call it the Constitution. We
agree to the rules, and that’s what makes us Americans, it’s all that
makes us Americans. So don’t tell me there’s no rule book and don’t
nod at me like that you sonofabitch.


多诺万律师的思路实际上类似于归谬法(Reductio ad

  1. 鉴别出对方视角中的前提和结论,恐怕说手段和目标(为了国家安全,小编要你做违规的事)
  2. 从对方的解说中引申出1个或一文山会海严密的推理(违规的事务,越发是违反刑事诉讼法的事情,实际上动摇了美利哥存在的基本功)
  3. 最后得出二个臆度,与对方论述中的前提或根本目标争辩(动摇美利坚联邦合众国存在的底子等于威逼国家安全,即为了国家安全而最后胁制了江山安全)
  4. 停在此间。

霍夫曼 的反感,用一句 s.o.b. 截至了出口。

那番话间接把 Hoffman打得哑口无言。在Donovan收拾东西准备走的时候,他讪笑着又多问了一句话,「大家相应担心您呢?(Do
we need to worry about
if I’m left alone to do my job.)」意思就是,你们 CIA


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